Our department offers a BSc education in Astronomy and Astrophysics lasting 4 years. The language of the education is Turkish. Every year about 65 students are attended to the undergraduate programme through National Student Election and Location Exam (ÖSYS) according to their Maths and Science (MF-1) scores.

First year of the programme contains the basic Maths and Physics courses. In the following years the branch related courses are dominant. The student are doing practice of some theoretically instructed subjects at Ankara University Kreiken Observatory. The students who are successfully completed the BSc programme are given a BSc diploma with the title of Astronomer. The graduated students with great success can be attend to graduate education (MSc and PhD) in the fields of Astronomy, Physics and Maths at various universities and worked as research assistant or specialist during their graduate education.

Additionally, an important part of our graduates employed as Maths and Physics teacher at high schools after a Pedagogical Formation education. Generally, the employment chance of our graduates is not lower than the graduates from other basic and natural sciences. Moreover, it can be said that this chance is higher for our graduates due to the gained knowledge on several applied sciences. Our graduates are mainly found jobs in Education, Computer/Informatics and Telecommunication empolyment areas.