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Astronomy, the science of stars, investigates the distribution, movement, chemical composition, evolution and physical characteristics of every type of matter in the universe and their relations with one another. Depending on the purpose, subject and investigation methods, astronomy is separated into the fields of General Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Sciences, which are interrelated with each other. Graduate students have the application of their theoretical courses with the three telescopes at Ankara University Observatory. In our department there are PC s and UNIX server to serve the research activities

The Main Research Fields are:

1- Stellar photometer and reduction of the related observations
2- Magnetic activity in solar atmosphere
3- Atmosphere of cool strars
4- Analysis of satellite ultra-violet spectra
5- Orbital analysis of binary strars
6- Physical characteristics of the binary stars such as RS CVn, W Uma, Algol and W Ser types.
7- Orbital determination of comets and asteroids
8- Estimation of the Sun and the Moon eclipses
9- Investigation of atmospheric structure of supergiant stars.

Head Of Department : Prof. Dr. Sacit Özdemir
E-mail :
Telephone : (90-312) 212 67 20/ 1318


Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences:
Ankara University Science Faculty,
E Blok 2. kat, 06100 Tandoğan Ankara.
(312) 212 67 20


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